Create a Social Media Content Plan

Hands up if you want more sales in your business!

Of course you do, selling is the life blood of every organisation. Most SME owners think that growing their business must be done through generating new leads but I would say that is not true in all cases. The most common answer to the question of where business comes from is ‘70% of our business comes from word of mouth’ and measured or not this is very true in most cases. But the real killer question is are these new enquiries or additional purchases from existing clients?

If the answer is new enquiries than you need to consider how you currently communicate with your existing clients. Increasing the number or value of purchases coming from your existing customers is easier than finding new clients and it will not be as expensive and time consuming, making it a lot more profitable.

Social Media platforms are just another method of communication you can apply but used correctly they can be a strong tool for lead generation for both new business and additional business.  So, why do most SME owners find Social Media difficult to keep up with? There are a few possible reasons:

  1. They lack knowledge and understanding of the platforms and how to use them
  2. They cannot see the value in Social Media
  3. They lack the time to engage with it properly

If you identify with the above and find the whole Social Media thing a fad you wished would go away then my workshop can help you. In the workshop I will cover the following:

  1. Identifying the best topics you should cover in your communications
  2. The main Social Media Platforms and which target markets they cover
  3. Tools to create your content plan and help you manage your profiles

My aim is to help you walk away with the basis of a content plan and a better understanding of which platforms you should target.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 26/05 at 7:30, Pure Offices, Portishead, to book a place please e-mail president