open door for guest bloggersPlease Write a Post for the Chamber Blog.

  • Promote your skills and your business
  • Help make the Chamber an even better resource for local businesses
  • Get a link back to your website, which helps your Google profile, just a little

In this short article we’ll explore how best to present your post to suit this particular blog.

Submission Guidelines

How to Present Your Post

The Chamber blog formats posts in a particular way. It takes the title and the first 55 words or so and uses them to form an entry in the blog index, the contents list. So:

  1. Keep your title short, maximum 30 characters including spaces and punctuation; otherwise, the blog software will truncate it in an unpredictable way
  2. It will use the first 50-55 words, after the title, to summarise your post in the index, so summarise your post at the beginning
  3. If possible, provide an image, a photo or a diagram, that illustrates your message

You could use the title and the first 50 words to provide a synopsis of your post. If you prefer, write a separate abstract of about the same length, and send that with your post.

This summary, along with your image, appears in the index, though only the title will be formatted. The title and summary also appear on the Chamber home page until another post is added.

This way, your post will attract readers, who will be able to asses quickly whether they want to read it.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

The Chamber aims to support Portishead business, so please bear this in mind:

  1. Posts should be useful to readers in the local business community
  2. Write to inform, not to sell
  3. Think about appearance: a dense pageful of text looks dauntings use use headings and an image or two asdd white space
  4. Ideally, posts should be original and unique, or explain an issue in a new way