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Free Business Seminar –  Emergent Genius – Next Level Leadership

8:30am @ 8 Nov 2018

9:30am @ 8 Nov 2018

£ free

Pure Offices Kestrel Court Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AN

 Emergent Genius – Next Level Leadership

Bradley Tyack is a Life coach, trainer, and speaker with qualifications in Master NLP, Master Hypnotherapy, Shadow work and Jungian Psychotherapy.

On the 8th November he will be providing us with an interactive talk aimed at those looking to improve leadership skills in business and develop themselves in their personal life. See his outline below and cl

A lot of the time I run into people who have a burning desire to grow and contribute but for whatever reason have not been able to break free and reach their full potential. In my experience what often happens is that people reach what is known as a zone of excellence, do well there, begin to feel complacent, know they have more to offer, but struggle continuously to reach the sweet spot known as the zone of Genius. This type of unconscious sabotage, in personal life and in Leadership is what prevents people from reaching their full successful self. What I do is help people find and unpack the barriers and cause of the unconscious sabotage, becoming more comfortable with themselves and step into their power and Leadership.

I will introduce a mindfulness meditation and exercise and then unpack the idea and concept of the Upper Limit Problem and how to identify it and solutions in overcoming it, accessing the zone of Genius and achieving an expanded amount of abundance, success and flow, not only in leadership and business, also in personal lives!

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